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The purpose is what makes innovation fly. So, why?


do YOU need innovation?

We start with your KPIs and your stakeholders

do PEOPLE need your innovation?

We believe only in consumer-centric innovation

does the WORLD need your innovation?

Green is the new black. We are to help you make your path to green easier

We are senior professionals from research, consulting and design.

We use our interdisciplinary background to define and answer the key questions of your business in the context of markets, culture and technology.


We are a team of experienced researchers, strategists and designers working hand in hand and on an equal footing. Together we have a spotless expertise across categories and markets. 
We are a professionals only network. No overheads, just passion.
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Anna Demiyanova

Managing director

Consumer Insights, Innovation Strategy

With over 15 years of international consumer insight experience and a background of sociology, Anna is uncompromisingly user centric in everything she does: from crafting business strategy to designing innovation processes.
Next to her work for multinational companies such as eBay, Unilever, KAO, Mondelez, Kerry Foods, Henkel, Diageo or Pernod Ricard, Anna has been a speaker and award winner in international conferences, including ESOMAR.
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Johannes Hilf

Founding partner 

Service Design, Strategic Design, Innovation Strategy

Johannes creates synergies at the intersection of research and design to solve complex problems and generate new opportunity spaces for disruptive innovation. 
He managed complex design projects for leading design-, brand- and research agencies like Designit, Added Value or Ipsos.
Bettine Marissen

Associate Partner

Qualitative Moderator, Simulation Games Expert

Bettine has truly a worldwide experience in workshops' moderation and project management: from Western Europe to China, Vietnam and Iran. Her particular expertise is interactive methods. She uses role play to enable interaction between most eclectic audiences and complex topics. Her special interests are societal change, Gen Y and Z, education and sustainable development.

Anna Hammer Sharifi

Research Executive

Cultural insight specialist​, qualitative and quantitative analyst

 A thorough observer and a sharp analytical mind with a background in social and cultural sciences. Not to mention she is a great songwriter!
Anna holds a Master Migration Studies and studied in Kopenhagen and Berlin. She joined Innovation Y team summer 2019 and enriches our project with   her multi-cultural perspective.
Corinna Kirsch

Associate partner & Founder "Dear Future"

Leadership Coaching, Design Thinking, Mindset Innovation

Together with Innovation Y Corinna offers Design Thinking + Coaching. Why? Coaching makes innovation energy last. Corrina empowers each stakeholder to find and pursue his personal role in the innovation process. The result is – fewer chances of the excitement wearing off after a Design Sprint is over.
Colin Niederdellmann

Associate partner 
Qualitative Research Expert, Transformation Consultant

Colin is a positivist with professional experience as multi project manager and consultant for transformation and strategy projects. Engaging with clients like Daimler or Innogy Colin brings passion for communication, management and change to the table. In addition, he has profound research knowledge with a strong university background at the University of St. Gallen and holds a BA in social & economic communication from the Universität der Künste in Berlin
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Myriam Zimmermann

Associate partner 
Qualitative Research Expert, Moderator and Coach

Myriam has been moderating for 20 years in all kind of markets but she is truly devoted to her favourite topics cars and healthcare. She knows so well the automotive market that she can tell you which car will keep its value so good you even make an earning when selling it. Her passion for healthcare even made her become a healthcare coach for body and mind. 

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Ethnographic Research,

Ideation, Prototyping, 




Agile insight development, Rapid Prototyping, Fast User feedback integration



Market insights, Cultural  insights, Trend Inisghts, Ethnoghraphy



Ethnographic Research,

Ideation, Prototyping, 

UX/UI Testing, Value proposition design


Real Life Prototype Experimentation, A-B Testing, Scenario Role Play, Empiric Future Research 



Market insights, Cultural  insights, Trend Inisghts, Ethnoghraphy



Value Proposition Design, Business Model Generation, Go-To-Market Strategies



Service Blueprints, User Journey Maps, Service Role Play, Ecosystem Maps, Circular Ecosystem Design



Agile insight development, Rapid Prototyping, Fast User Feedback Integration, Overnight quant-testing